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                  Bali is located in Indonesia near the Java Island. Actually i've been there, and it was amazing. Bali have some places that many tourist wanted to go there. 
                   First the Kuta Beach, there is so many visitor on Kuta Beach, most of them is foreigner. They usually come to Kuta Beach to tan their skin. And there is a restaurant in the side of the beach that serve seafood.

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                  Second, we can see a big statue in bali named Garuda Wisnu Kencana or "GWK". This statue is on construction right now. GWK is larger than Liberty Statue in USA. Many tourist came there to take photos. The place is so big so we need a car to go around the GWK area
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                 Last but not least, Tanah Lot Temple. It's located on the coast of West Bali. We can go in to that temple but we should walk across the water, but don't worry because there is a guard that will help you walk across.
                So, I guess that's all i know about Bali and i really want to go there again. Thanks for your attention!


1. What is the synonym of the italics word? (Paragraph 1)
    a. Native
    b. Citizen
    c. Immigrant
    d. Local
    e. National

2. What the tourist usually do in GWK?
    a. Tan their skin.
    b. Taking photos
    c. Eat seafood
    d. Buy a car
    e. Make a statue

3. What is the antonym of "Construction"?
    a. Development
    b. Structure
    c. Architecture
    d. Build
    e. Disarrangement

4. How to get in to Tanah Lot Temple?
    a. Go with a car
    b. Swimming across
    c. Walk across helped by the guard
    d. By helicopter
    e. By a boat

5. Where is the Tanah Lot Temple located?
    a. West Coast of Bali
    b. On the side of the Beach
    c. In the GWK area
    d. Near Java Island
    e. At the Kuta Beach

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