Rabu, 07 Desember 2016


      LDKS is "Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa" in Bahasa or a basic training about student leadership. So, we stay in the military base in Rindam at Siliwangi Area for 3 days. We sleep in the barrack. We gathered in Munding Laya lobby, in there we got told the rules and we are divided into 4 barrack. and we go into our barrack and tidy up our own stuff. and then we choose the Barrack leader. and we followed all the activity that day.
      The second day we gather again in the Munding Laya lobby and one by one of the boys gets the haircut, not ordinary haircut but like semi bald-ish or we called "cepak" in here. after that we got a lessons about marching or "PBB". the thing that i most remember about LDKS is when we want to eat, we should marching in front of the building and we got in so tidy, after that we should wait for others to get in then we can sit down, after that we eat together witthout any sound. after finished eating we should wait for others to finish their meal. and we get out one by one.
      The third day we gather again in the Munding Laya Lobby and got some kind of seminar after that practice to closing ceremony. And then we do the closing ceremony and get back home.
      Maybe that's all that i remember about LDKS, Thank you.

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