Rabu, 07 Desember 2016


Megantara is an event about Indonesian art,Indonesian literature, and Indonesian culture. Megantara is SMAN 3 Bandung culture festival because this event has Indonesian themed. Event like this held every year in the past 3 years and every year got it's own name and theme. the word Megantara is from Sansakerta language that  "Mega" and "Gantan" or Megantara is Nusantara is great light
the event started at 7 o`clock when all of 10th grade do a parade using sundanese traditional clothes around the SMAN 3 Bandung but each class must have 3 contestant to wear any Indonesian traditional clothes to a contest. In Megantara also there are many performances like from Band3, OSD ITB, and etc.in this event there is a performance from SMAN 3 Bandung like T'ST, Kelompok Vokal 3,and etc but we also have a special guest star such as THE CHANGCUTERS and RAN they play many songs. When the changcuters sang his song it was very crowded and all sang together it was so exciting

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