Rabu, 07 Desember 2016

My Unforgettable memory

        My unforgettable memory is when I was six grade I was join LDKS. LDKS is a training for mental and personality. My school visited some camping site in the Cimenyan area. We went by a Military Truck, there are quite a few truck. Our trip taken for two hours because little traffic.We arrived in the afternoon, with hot weather. We about to build a tent. One tent contains seven persons. My group named "Rajawali". Me and My Friends work together to make the tent. Time is sunset, we praying together.In the evening, we told to rest. Suddenly, in the midnight we were told to get out of the tent and prepare for mental. We gather in front of the main tent. Every group start one by one. Our eyes covered by a cloth. We start walking with fears. We were told not to step on graves turns out that's not true, its spread. At the first post, our eyes opened. We continued to second post. During we walking to second post, we afraid off by teacher who are hiding in the bush. We arrived on the second post. We scolded by teacher. After that, we go to last post. One of my friends there are missing. It turns out, my friend was missing was just kidnapped by teachers. All teachers pretending to scold to all students and some teachers quarreled make all stundets cry. Finally, we burn bonfire to the accompaniment of songs.
      That's my unforgettable memory, thanks for your attention!

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